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The Girlfriend experience:         The Girlfriend Experience:            The Girlfriend Experience:          My phone number:

Skype/Yahoo/Facetime                   Phone Sex                                KIK/Texting rates                        Total phone  and                                                                                                                                                                               Second Life access

10 Minutes: 40 dollars                10 Minutes: 20 dollars                  1 day: 50 dollars                          1 year: 2400 dollars

20 Minutes: 80 dollars                20 Minutes: 40 dollars                1 week: 250 dollars                      2 years: 4800 dollars

30 minutes:  120 dollars              30 Minutes: 60 dollars                1 month: 1000 dollars

One hour:240 dollars                   One hour: 120 dollars                  6 months: 6000 dollars
Two hours: 360 dollars                 Two hours: 140 dollars                 9 months: 9000 dollars
Four hours: 440 dollars                Three Hours: 300 dollars            1 year: 12,000 dollars

Exclusive ​Baby Doll :
I will be your exclusive baby dol-For the affluent gentleman who desires the ultimate Caribbean Daddy's girl but does want a traditional Daddy dom and little relationship.
The appeal of a naughty and discreet long term relationship with me turns you on.
You can put down an deposit of 5000. I am yours. 20,000-70,000 per year depending on how often we meet and other factors. Contact me. 

Deposit for my Exclusive Daddy's girl session: